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A Flurry of Activity

A few weeks ago I was asked to submit to a popular annual Sacramento show called the 20/20 Show. For this show, several artists are chosen to exhibit twenty small artworks all on the same theme. I was honored to be among this year’s chosen artists with my Specimina works. The exhibit is in May and each artist has to produce twenty five artworks to fill in spaces when pieces sell. I attended the reception for this show last year at the Kennedy Gallery and the excitement was palpable. I am truly looking forward to participating in this year’s exhibit.


As I have been working on my 20/20 series, I have been posting  videos of my progress in my studio on my Facebook page. As usual, I started with priming the panels with gesso, then adding acrylic texture to them.
The next step in the process is choosing all of the images for the series and printing them all out, then I decide what to collage as a background to each image and adhere it onto the panels. Once that is done, I coat the images and then transfer them onto the panels, which is the step I just finished yesterday.


The next part of the process will be to use color pencils to enhance the details of each image and start the coloring process. Then I will add acrylic paint in transparent layers, possibly more collage elements and wax pastels. I’m never entirely sure what exactly I will do until I get to that point in the creative process.


I’m pretty excited about this series, as I recently took a bunch of new photographs of some pretty cool and interesting creatures, some of which are included in this series. I am planning on putting a video together of the whole process when it’s done, so you’ll be able to see the entire project come to life. In the meantime, here’s the state of my work table at the moment.


My entire twenty-five panel series on my work table in my studio.


Mark your calendar for the Second Saturday Reception for the 20/20 Show on May 13, 2017, from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Kennedy Gallery, 1931 L Street, Sacramento, CA 95811. I look forward to seeing you there!