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Late Spring Cleaning

I’ve never been one to follow other people’s schedules very much. Not that I haven’t tried, or that I can’t. One office job I had (with the Department of the Army, no less,) I consistently came in fifteen minutes late and stayed just as late. I got more than my share of work done and worked well with everyone else, I just had a hard time keeping the standard hours and my boss was lenient with me. I do start classes on time – most of the time – and I made a commitment to myself that I would not penalize my children with my tardy ways when I had to take them to school and I never made them late. But if everyone else is doing something at a certain time there is this little voice inside me that says, “You can’t make me!” And that is how I end up doing my “Spring Cleaning” at the dawning of summer.



It’s actually a perfect time for me, I don’t have any big deadlines approaching, I am between spring and summer semesters at school and the big one – I feel like doing it now. So I’ve been going through cupboards, sorting, recycling and donating; trying to free up any space I can, in the hopes of having a space where I will be able to see more of my various natural history type collection and feel happier and more inspired when I’m in ┬áhere.



insect collection in the art studio of Judith Monroe


I actually got this display box months ago and have been wanting to transfer part of my insect collection into it, but I just never had, until today. Not that I have a place to put it. Yet.


This may take a little time.